Illumination - Transformation - Elevation



Where it all started

I Am Worth It began in 2017 as an event by women, for women.  It blossomed from a belief that all women would greatly benefit from a weekend dedicated to them; a time for women everywhere to step away  from their daily lives, families and often overwhelming and time-consuming responsibilities.


Gaining Momentum

In 2017 and 2018 the event was held in Port Townsend, in an effort to create an getaway experience outside of Seattle in a relaxing resort town on the beach..  Both years produced favorable experiences for those involved who have provided testimonials praising their journeys. For our next venture in 2019, we see the benefit to extending our reach beyond previous years.  


Inspiration with Convenience!

The format of this weekend event is being transformed into a Video Summit Podcast broadcast on, which will reach many more people and  allow this life changing access from the comfort of their own homes.  Our hope is that more women will be able to enjoy and learn from the wisdom of our presenters during a time that will really work for them.  They will be able to watch presenters live or purchase the package to watch when they have space and time in their individual schedules.