Illumination - Transformation - Elevation

2019 Presenters

Jeanette Dames, Founder


As a lifelong clairvoyant, Jeanette has been seeing and communicating with angels and other spirit guides since she was a small child. Throughout her life. She has used this wonderful connection to improve and help with her life path every step of the way. Since her formal training with Dr. Doreen Virtue in 2007.  Jeanette has been able to translate her gift into many channels to help others. She 
completed her mediumship training in 2008, with Doreen Virtue and her Professional Spiritual Teacher Training with Dr. Steven Farmer, also in 2008.  In 2009 Jeanette became a licensed Love Yourself Heal Your Life instructor and in 2013 became a certified Heal Your Money Story coach and is now offering classes and coaching on both.
It is Jeanette’s heartfelt desire to help everyone learn how to work with their angels EVERY day to co-create their perfect life. Everything is so much easier. In a reading with Jeanette you will get answers and guidance from your angels and spirit guides. She also uses Spiritual Response Therapy to assist in releasing past life programs and issues that no longer serve you.

Cynthia Occelli


Cynthia is an accomplished author, (Resurrecting Venus, Hay House/AMI) speaker, and entrepreneur. As a 9th-grade dropout and welfare mom, Cynthia turned her life around, went back to school, graduated from law school, built an investment portfolio, and successfully raised two conscientious children. Hailed as an American success story, Cynthia was featured by Bill Clinton at the 2016 DNC. Her mission is to end all preventable suffering by supporting and strengthening the most powerful force of change in the world, women. Learn more about her at:

Anne Tucker

Anne Tucker

Anne spent years working at the top of the corporate world, coaching executives and advising them on how to reach their goals in the workplace. She was successful, but found herself asking “is this all there is?” After a truly global search with some wonderful teachers and mentors, she embraced her purpose as a spiritual healer, author and the founder of Wisdom Soup, helping to redefine business for a spiritual age.

Traci McMerritt


Traci is a labyrinth artist and professional laughter leader, having fun bringing unique meditation techniques as powerful tools for self empowerment. She is excited to work with individuals, employee wellness programs, schools, healing organizations and retreat centers. 

Traci’s background as a landscape architect, as an author of her book, Laughing Labyrinth Timepeace and as an artist, is woven with her Shamanic Reiki practice... for coaching, designing indoor/outdoor places for joy, creating labyrinth artwork and leading transformational seminars.


Jennifer Fallaw


Psychic Medium, Jennifer Fallaw is an individual gifted with many special talents. Aside from being a published Author of, The Wishflower Field-series, seasoned radio show host, and co-owner and CEO of Beacon of Light Radio, She has a clear connection with angels and spirits, clear knowing and vision, and the ability to project her consciousness to locations and dimensions. Her natural abilities, nurtured by experience, and paired with angel communication, allow her to uplift and enlighten, to help and heal, and to bring understanding to those who are struggling. She does this through her books, radio show and through private readings. Whether you have questions about love, career, life, or want to connect with lost loved ones or angels, Jennifer is sure to provide a clear connection, compassionate experience, and detailed answers.

Marcy Neumann


 Marcy Neumann, Rev., RN, CHT, RMT, is a professional Energy Healer, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Spiritualist Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She is a published author, creator of award-winning healing products and founder of Self Love University.

For over 45 years Marcy’s professional journey has been guided by her own teachings of metaphysical healing and her propriety process known as HeartShifting. This process is a recalibration and reclaiming of energy leading to Self Love, sustainable transformation and healing.

Marcy has helped thousands of clients learn to monitor their own energy, release the toxic, dense energy and open their hearts to receive the gifts of the more fulfilling life that awaits them. Her unique methods and approach empowers her clients to identify the energy of sabotage, let go and through HeartShifting, build an unshakeable, lasting Self Love that sustains the authentic self and aligns with the manifestation of their true hearts desires.

Renee Silvus


My superpower is to help people see themselves, their world, and their possibilities more clearly. To show up with awareness, confidence, and respect for others.

My background as a high school English teacher and bodywork massage therapist has been the perfect foundation for Lightwork. Currently I offer life and health coaching, retreats, public speaking, and facilitation of courses, discussion evenings, company retreats, yoga classes, and couples work. 

Really I'm just a Lantern Holder.

Cherie Byrd


Cherie Byrd is a soul-based holistic therapist and healer who created Kissing School in 1998 and has appeared in print, screen and audio in most of the world teaching the fine arts of soulful connection and wide open loving.

Cherie is the author of, Kissing School, 7 lessons on love, lips and life force (avail Amazon). She is in the last stages of creating a saucy, interactive board game from the book.Soulful Loving in the New Paradigm

While most of us are dancing as fast as we can just to keep up with all the shifts and activations that are flying at us on a regular basis, there are some essential self-care practices that can engage our ability to metabolize these tsunamis of LOVE.

Unconditional love is flooding through us, and we have to dive in, go deeply into the divine within us and learn to savor every tasty morsel, especially if we wish to share…exponential activations of loving are soooo available now!

Tracie Mahan


Tracie Mahan is a QHHT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Coach, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, Channel, Empath and Clairvoyant, .  For the past two decades she has dedicated herself to her personal path of spiritual and psychic development.  Tracie comes from a highly sensitive and intuitive family and has fortified her natural gifts with training and practice enabling her to connect with guides, angels, Ascended Masters and spiritual council. In addition to being a clear channel of messages from these realms, her expertise also includes offering clients perspective through looking at past lives to identify important connections with the present incarnation.

Tracie has been using QHHT as a way to introduce others to who they truly are and the gifts and abilities they have.  Not only is QHHT a beautiful technique to heal the mind and body, but it is also a wonderful tool to open up to your natural gifts and remember why you are here.

Her hearts work is in helping people grow and discover their true self.

Wendy James


Wendy James - Professional International Psychic for 26 years, Award winning spiritual guide & coach, teacher & entertainer. Wendy's early work history was with hospice, ventilator & mental /behavioral health care. Certified in many healing arts including Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Practitioner, IET, Head Massage, & more. Owner of the successful entertainment company - Luvdragons with a worldwide client base. Experience as a large lecture, class and corporate adviser as well as offering corporate and private events and parties. Radio show host for the past 3 years with a current show on every Friday evening at 6 pm EST on Beacon Of Light Radio called Luvdragons Ourhour with 2 strong partners. Follow Psychic Wendy James on YouTube or Luvdragons on FB for this year’s feel-good project - A 365 Day Live Gratitude Journal.    #wendys365

Ivy Karlinsky


Ivy Karlinsky

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Ivy holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Science and believes in a holistic approach to nutrition and movement. Ivy works with private clients to create well rounded nutrition and exercise programs for optimal wellness. 

Angie Kuhn


A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Angie holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Angie works with clients to create personalized programs for success in long term weight loss and life transformation.